Kiko’s 1st Vizsla Park Zommies! San Juan Capistrano , CA

Location: Dr Joe Cortese Dog Park
30291 Camino Capistrano · San Juan Capistrano , CA

Kiko is almost 19 weeks old and today was his first Vizsla meetup in So Cal with 21 other Vizsla buddies. We showed up a little late. but still lots of playtime at the meetup. He was very calm. It was an amazing meetup where Kiko fit right in. A little overwhelmed at first. Since he join our family, Kiko has not play with other Vizsla. I think this was a good meetup for him. We think that the other Vizsla had a little talk with him, Since we left the meetup, he seemed to be a better puppy LOL.

As for us, we went with a few question in regard to Vizsla breed and we walked away with lots of answers and advised. The highlight for us was when we met a half sister to Kiko! Whats the chance of that! His half sister is a year old and she was a very beautiful and very well mannered pup. We didn’t have a chance to take photos at the event. Thanks to @Cooper_and_Lizzie they took some and shared with us. The photos in this posts were taken by them Thank you @Cooper_and_Lizzie

Kiko’s first earthquake.

As Kiko explore his little world. Last night was one he may remember. As we recall, Kiko’s behavior the hour leading up to the earthquake. He wondered around the home, looking through places to hide. From our observation, we thought Kiko was looking for a spot to sleep. We knew he was acting different, wasn’t sure what was going on with Kiko. Then we felt the earthquake. We immediately grab him. He was just looking around. A few minute after that, he was back to his normal self. What an experience that was for us all.

Can’t go about his day with this…

What is Kiko’s favorite toy? What is that one thing that he like most? We can’t really pinpoint that one item. We tried to give me a few toys on a weekly basis since he came home. There is not one he doesn’t like. But we do know that he loved a game of fetch from day one he walked into the backyard. We there the ball and he retrieved. There is not a day that went by where he doesn’t have a ball with him. We thought he will grow out of this ball stage. he is now 13 weeks old and loved the balls more than ever.

Found this!

I was going through photos that was sent to us by the breeder as we waited for til the eight week mark to pickup kiko. We found this little photo of Kiko was he was 4.5 weeks old. many will asked, How did we know that specific photo was the little vizsla we adopted? Well our little guy was ID with the yellow collar. and this photo sent to us matched that along with all the documentation provided.

Kiko is the second one from the left

That bite

As we learn. this little guy loved to bite. It’s a way they communicate. To help with this, we gave him a lot of chew toys. a very helpful approach. Then are are things that he just couldn’t get enough of. We tried everything we can think of with command and treats. There is something about home furnishings that he just need to chew on. Our last resort was not something we like to two. We used the spray bottle. Spray him right when he started to bite furnishings, jump on chairs, stand up to dining room table and kitchen counters. And it WORKS! We only have to spray him three four times and he gets it. Now we just need to hold the spray bottle in hand and he backs off. We are glad that we do not need to spray him. We did get a few bottles to put on each counters as a reminder to him. lol.

My puppy might be broken.

Kiko’s favorite psstime. NAPS! Yes. Puppies does need a lot fo nap time. almost 20 hours a day. This guy will fall asleep with seconds he get into position. They are deep sleep. Nothing can possibly wake him up. Due to the amount of nap time needed, we reduced our play/training time by 70%. As much as we enjoy playing with him, we do need to give him his nap time. This is just the beginning, it’s a long journey. Just can’t wait til he grows up.

Kiko at 9 weeks old

Hello everyone. A little update, Kiko is now a little past 9 weeks old. doing very well. Loved to play fetch, Might me a genetic thing with Vs. Early start. Since this little guy is still a baby, he play 15 minutes twice a day. So you problem asking “So what does he do the rest of his 24 hours?” Like all babies, they slept most of the time. They have a very easy life. One thing we learned is that Vs tend to get overtired. This means that they will play nonstop, you will need to help him stop and put him to nap mode.

He doesn’t have all his vaccines at this point so we are limited to what we can do with this little guy at the moment. Other than playtime, we have our 10 minute training sessions. Its best to keep it short for this little boy. He is a quick learner.

First day at work

Kiko made it through the first two days! I do have to say, He is that perfect puppy for us. We can see how comfortable he has been away from his parents and siblings. Slept well, loved to play. Lots to learn. For us its a lot of work with a new additional to our family. Being there for him. Guide him through as needed. We can’t get enough of him. A vizsla is not just another puppy, he is truly a family member.

Today was his first day at the Lutume Store. We planned for the worst. Once he walked in he went straight to the most comfy chain in the store with a leather seat that perfect match his soft short hair. For the time being, he is too small to jump not the chair. We have to put him up and carry him down 🙂

Looks like he will be at our store during business hours as the official Lutume Store greeter.

Home Sweet Home.

The wait is over. We started our one day road trip from So Cal to Nor Cal and it was worth the trip. Its always a great feeling when you can meet the parents of the puppy that you are about to foster. Kiko is 8 weeks old and we are in for a fun ride.

How to be pick a puppy. Actually the puppy pick us. Upon our arrival, we were greed with 6 male puppy. and Kiko came over to us as they were led out of the crate. As we start our search. this one lille puppy kept coming back to us. At that moment we knew he was the one. It didn’t matter how he look, we were in love. As we were told by our breeder, that little boy was the sweetest of them all. Tell will tell. He is now in our hands to raise him. At the same time we will learn a lot of him.