Kiko at 9 weeks old

Hello everyone. A little update, Kiko is now a little past 9 weeks old. doing very well. Loved to play fetch, Might me a genetic thing with Vs. Early start. Since this little guy is still a baby, he play 15 minutes twice a day. So you problem asking “So what does he do the rest of his 24 hours?” Like all babies, they slept most of the time. They have a very easy life. One thing we learned is that Vs tend to get overtired. This means that they will play nonstop, you will need to help him stop and put him to nap mode.

He doesn’t have all his vaccines at this point so we are limited to what we can do with this little guy at the moment. Other than playtime, we have our 10 minute training sessions. Its best to keep it short for this little boy. He is a quick learner.