First day at work

Kiko made it through the first two days! I do have to say, He is that perfect puppy for us. We can see how comfortable he has been away from his parents and siblings. Slept well, loved to play. Lots to learn. For us its a lot of work with a new additional to our family. Being there for him. Guide him through as needed. We can’t get enough of him. A vizsla is not just another puppy, he is truly a family member.

Today was his first day at the Lutume Store. We planned for the worst. Once he walked in he went straight to the most comfy chain in the store with a leather seat that perfect match his soft short hair. For the time being, he is too small to jump not the chair. We have to put him up and carry him down 🙂

Looks like he will be at our store during business hours as the official Lutume Store greeter.