Kiko’s 1st Vizsla Park Zommies! San Juan Capistrano , CA

Location: Dr Joe Cortese Dog Park
30291 Camino Capistrano · San Juan Capistrano , CA

Kiko is almost 19 weeks old and today was his first Vizsla meetup in So Cal with 21 other Vizsla buddies. We showed up a little late. but still lots of playtime at the meetup. He was very calm. It was an amazing meetup where Kiko fit right in. A little overwhelmed at first. Since he join our family, Kiko has not play with other Vizsla. I think this was a good meetup for him. We think that the other Vizsla had a little talk with him, Since we left the meetup, he seemed to be a better puppy LOL.

As for us, we went with a few question in regard to Vizsla breed and we walked away with lots of answers and advised. The highlight for us was when we met a half sister to Kiko! Whats the chance of that! His half sister is a year old and she was a very beautiful and very well mannered pup. We didn’t have a chance to take photos at the event. Thanks to @Cooper_and_Lizzie they took some and shared with us. The photos in this posts were taken by them Thank you @Cooper_and_Lizzie