Getting ready.

As we are in preparation to welcome our new addition to our home, Our little one will have a bedroom just like us. In a way that is a comfort zone for him whenever he need a little time for himself. At the same time. it large enough for all three of us to sleep together. We also recycled some wood pallet and built a twin size bed for him with a memory form mattress. Hope he love his little room when he arrive. As pawrents, we do what we do our best for him. he will personalize (chew) to his own liking. We talk about him everyday and he has not arrive yet. Just imagine what life will be like once he become part of our family?

Good news!

We are ready! We received the call that we had been waiting for. The birth of Kiko, our little Vizsla boy! A moment of excitement that no word can described. How to navigate through a pandemic? how to socialize a puppy when we are in a Stay home order? This will be a very challenging time for us. Stay tune for more updates. He will be ready to join our family 08.08.20


Welcome to our blog. On this blog, we planned to share our new addition that is joining our family late 2020. As we get more info on the arrival of our little boy, we will post them here. We spent our last three years doing research on the Vizsla Breed. We understand it’s not a breed we can just bring home and join our family. Its one that we do need to provide a lot of time for. At this point in our life, we are ready to take on this adventure. Thank you for stopping by.