Home Sweet Home.

The wait is over. We started our one day road trip from So Cal to Nor Cal and it was worth the trip. Its always a great feeling when you can meet the parents of the puppy that you are about to foster. Kiko is 8 weeks old and we are in for a fun ride.

How to be pick a puppy. Actually the puppy pick us. Upon our arrival, we were greed with 6 male puppy. and Kiko came over to us as they were led out of the crate. As we start our search. this one lille puppy kept coming back to us. At that moment we knew he was the one. It didn’t matter how he look, we were in love. As we were told by our breeder, that little boy was the sweetest of them all. Tell will tell. He is now in our hands to raise him. At the same time we will learn a lot of him.